The methodology established by IPH’s Management as its distinctive commitment towards quality is the organization and support of a Quality Management System designed to offer excellence and reliability in all the products.

Considering complete customer satisfaction as the main objective, the Management establishes that all company activities should be in compliance with it. For this reason, the Management will provide all the necessary human and infrastructure resources.

IPH’s personnel in every area, from management to supervision or operation, is responsible for meeting the Quality Policy issued by the Management; for this purpose, they should develop the necessary skills and knowledge to achieve the stated objectives and carry through the corresponding procedures.

To encourage the motivation and commitment of all the staff towards these objectives is essential to consolidate the Quality Management System and thus obtain continual improvement.

Therefore, IPH assumes the commitment to implement a Quality Policy based on these principles:

  • Meet the Customers’ needs and requirements.
  • Provide high quality, safe and reliable products.
  • Assuring delivery in line with pre-established deadlines and conditions.
  • Promoting continuous improvement.

To reach these objectives, the Management commits itself to:

  • Provide the necessary means.
  • Motivate and train its staff according to the existing needs.
  • Participate directly, monitoring the operation and adequacy of the system implemented.