IPH SAICF (hereinafter "IPH") is engaged in protecting the privacy of its customers and users; therefore, it shall make its best effort and the effort it may deem required for the customers and users of its Websites, and (hereinafter the "WEBSITE") to have their data fully protected, in the understanding that the use or visit to such Websites shall not be intentionally maliciously or fraudulent.

This privacy policy shall be exclusively applied to information offered and received by customers, partners and users of IPH WEBSITE and not to information offered to or by other companies or organizations or Websites whose links are included in WEBSITE and which may not be subject toIPH control.

IPH assumes no liability for actions of Websites to which may be accessed through the WEBSITE, therefore, we highly advise reading the Privacy Policy of such other Websites first.

Through the WEBSITE, IPH may gather some information, and you must fully understand our policy with respect to the use of the information gathered. This Privacy Policy statement discloses what information will be gathered by us, how it will be used by us and how it may be corrected or changed.

IPH has policies, rules and procedures regarding physical and logical security, which are being reviewed, updated and improved on a permanent basis to fully comply with national applicable laws and regulations about protection of personal data.


Our system may obtain information automatically about your conduct when you browse our WEBSITE, through the use of "cookies". A cookie is a small data file that some Websites write on the computer hard disk when you visit us. A cookie file may have information, such as the user identification, which is used by the website to track pages you have already visited. But the only personal information that a cookie may have is information that you provide by yourself. A cookie MAY NOT read data from your hard disk, nor read cookie files created by other websites.

IPH may use cookies to track user traffic patterns when browsing certain WEBSITE pages. If you have adjusted your browser for warning you before accepting cookies, you will receive a warning message with each cookie. You may not accept cookies and may disable them from your browser. You are not required to enable cookies to use IPH WEBSITES. If you refuse accepting cookies, you may not have access to certain services offered by the WEBSITE.


In certain cases, IPH may have access to your personal data, such as, your full name, address, e-mail address, or phone number. IPH needs such information to be able to provide the services offered through its WEBSITE or outside of it. IPH ensures the confidentiality of such information, and shall not allow third parties, other than its employees, to access such information.

IPH restricts access to such data to employees who are deemed reasonably required to have such information to provide you with products or services or to be able to complete their work.

IPH does not sell, lease, exchange or lend any personal information of any nature with any other person or company.


IPH may gather personal information from its WEBSITE to: Authenticate user, customer or supplier and to provide customer service, make surveys among its customers and to prepare results, subscriptions, related service offers and other information exchanges in its WEBSITE. The purpose is to know customer better to be able to offer a more personalized service.


IPH shall not disclose or share any information that may identify persons with any other company or organization outside the IPH group without the express consent of the person who is the owner of such data.

IPH may use information provided by user to send him/her information about our company. Users may opt not to receive any emails to be sent in the future, if desired, but must request it expressly by letter or email. For such purposes, every time a promotional email is sent, an option will be displayed on the bottom of it with the text: “Click here if you do not desire to receive these emails.”.

In this item, the possibility of including the text: “If you do not desire to receive these emails, click here” in each email should be contemplated, and, therefore, a form should be displayed to provide user the possibility of unsubscribe.

IPH may use personal information to determine certain demographic data of customers and users and for distribution of statistical and general marketing information about IPH. Such demographic data always represent unrelated information and never identify a specific user. Personal information you provided to IPH may not be disclosed to any person outside IPH.


Despite any other provision to the contrary included in this statement, IPH may disclose certain private information only in the following cases:

a) To fulfill a legal requirement, such as a search order, a subpoena, a judicial order, or any other similar requirement imposed by any competent judicial or administrative authority;

b) To fulfill a requirement imposed by a governmental or regulatory authority;


As minors may not duly understand this Privacy Policy and its implications, nor may they decide about the options available for our customers and users, we suggest parents or custodians, or adults under whose supervision minors access our WEBSITE to get actively and carefully involved in the activities carried out by minors in the Web, and in the services used by such minors, the information accessed and disclosed by such minors when visiting our WEBSITE or any third parties'.


Upon transfer of ownership of the entire group or of any of its companies in particular changed, your personal information will be transferred to the new owner to continue the provision of our services. For such purpose, this privacy policy in force in the website shall be applied at all times.


IPH reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time. Any such changes shall be promptly posted in its WEBSITE with the updated date of review and change, which shall be at user’s disposal.

The latest version replaces any prior version in full.