Create value as an organization, motivating the continuous development of the human team, combining investment and innovation in the steel wire rope industry and integral lifting solutions, transforming daily work relationships into efficient and sustainable practices, promoting being the difference in quality, service and customer satisfaction.


A company with global reach dedicated to working with innovative energy seeking to generate a warm and creative environment to transform the world into a safer and more productive place.


COLLABORATION: promote the synergy of teamwork. 
EMPATHY: we care about people and the role of work in their lives. 
RESPECT AND TRUST: in personal relationships. 
INTEGRITY and TRANSPARENCY: as a company as well as an individual. 
ETHICS: in our actions and in managing our business. 
PASSION for CREATIVITY and INNOVATION: we are enthusiastic about what we do. 
EXCELLENCY: what we do, we do it well. 
SUSTAINABILITY: environmental, social and economic.


For IPH, sustainability is an ongoing commitment to our community, our environment and the entire public of interest. To achieve the standards of quality and excellence that differentiate our products and services, we commit to:

  • To produce and export reliable products, which are a worldwide reference concerning safety.
  • To promote a positive socio-environmental impact through the use of cutting-edge technology.
  • To encourage continuous improvements in our staff working conditions through training in safe operations.
  • To respect and honor laws and rules of healthy coexistence, regarding our team work, clients, suppliers, the environment, and society in general.
  • To collaborate with the wellbeing of environment and society.

These concepts constitute the fundamentals of IPH´s philosophy, and serve as a guide to project the company into the future.