To become leaders in quality, innovation and customer service in the wire ropes industry, offering comprehensive solutions for lifting, gripping and moving loads, consolidating our presence in Latin and North America and projecting the company globally.


Vocation for Quality and Customer Service, both applied on innovative and comprehensive solutions for lifting, gripping and moving loads, in the manufacturing and general use of wire ropes and its complements; taking the most demanding commitment, with competitive costs, technological innovation and development of the people who make our great team.


We understand that the concept of "Quality" and "Excellence" must be at the service of our customers and meet their expectations of our organization as a whole.

To achieve such quality standards, we focus our investment policy in the permanent incorporation of technology, R & D, and the constant training of our staff.

In doing so we reach the widest flexibility to produce and export reliable products that meet the highest and most demanding international quality standards; such products can then be used in the most diverse requirements and productive activities, considering the importance of the safety factor in this.


Here at IPH, we see sustainability as a commitment to our community, its environment and the entire public of interest. In order to achieve the standards of quality and excellence which differentiate our products and services, we assume the following commitments:

  • To produce and export reliable products, which are a worldwide reference concerning safety.
  • To promote a positive socio-environmental impact by continuously incorporating cutting-edge technology,
  • To promote continuous improvements in our staff working conditions through safe operations training.
  • To respect and honor laws and standards of healthy coexistence regarding the team work, our clients, suppliers, the environment and society in general.
  • To help taking care of the environment and society.

These concepts shape the foundations of our philosophy and lead the way oh this company into the future.