Aiming at service in the steel wire rope industry, offering complete solutions for lifting and handling loads, IPH do Brasil seeks to provide differentiated integrated solutions, with excellence, innovation and applied technology 

IPH believes that the practice of sustainability is the guarantee of the perpetuity of its business and is committed to:

  • Provide maximum quality, safe and reliable products;
  • Ensure deliveries on time and under established conditions;
  • Satisfy customers and interested parties;
  • Manage our activities and processes, always seeking the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System;
  • To act in the protection of the human being and preservation of the environment, preventing pollution, risks to the environment, health and safety;
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment, eliminating dangers and preventing injuries and illnesses in our employees;
  • Comply with applicable standards and legislation;
  • Develop the necessary skills in employees so that they are consulted and participate effectively in the establishment of the IMS;
  • All employees from IPH has the responsibility to adapt to the IMS, complying with the objectives set and the corresponding procedures.

To reach these objectives, the Management commits itself to:

  • Guarantee the human resources and the necessary infrastructure;
  • Motivate and training employees, as needed;
  • Get directly involved, monitoring the functioning and suitability of the implanted system.